Fav Resources

Stuff I recommend to just-getting-started web developers.

Getting Started: Learning to Code

Code School

This was one of my early introductions to web dev. The subscription is much cheaper than enrolling in a university and I recommend them as a “see if you even like it” place to get started with writing code.

Stanford CS106A: Introduction to Computer Science
Several years ago Stanford filmed its intro to computer science course and made the videos and class materials available for free online.

There are 26 lectures, starting from the fundamentals and working up to some complex stuff. I worked through them at a pace of maybe 1-2 a week to see if I liked CS enough to keep going. (I did – thanks, Mehran Sahami!!)

JavaScript Learning Resources

JavaScript has been my professional bread and butter for a few years now. Here are some of my favorite resources for deepening your understanding of JavaScript.


Tania is a web developer writing about modern JS topics. I love her straightforward writing style and deep dives into topics I thought I knew.

JavaScript Cheat Sheet by websitesetup.org

This page is like a JavaScript cookbook. It’s loaded with commonly used (and easy to forget or mix up) stuff in JavaScript, organized into one handy page.

You Don’t Know JS: Scopes & Closures


If you’ve heard of scope, closures, JS compiling theory, but aren’t sure you really understand them as well as you should, then this book is for you. Great read, and at 98 pages with plenty of examples you’ll not just finish it, you’ll feel like you have time to re-read it for a deeper understanding. Get it for Kindle or in paperback format.

But wait, there’s more! They also have books on topics such as this & Object Prototypes, ECMA Script 6 & Beyond, and Async & Performance. Collect ’em all!

Callback hell

A JavaScript phenomenon that everyone writing asynchronous JavaScript should know about (and avoid!).

Making Stuff with Your Code


If you ever wanted to make an app, CoronaSDK is a great place to start. It’s a  free set of tools for making real apps (yes, the kind you can put on your iOS or Android device) with several premium (paid) features.

Get in the habit of pushing your (working) code to a GitHub repository. You’ll learn good version control habits and slowly build a portfolio that employers will want to check out.

Web-Based Coding Tools


Test your JavaScript code and easily share it with others by copying a short URL code. Great for snippets, short problems, and things you just don’t want to fire up your dev environment for.

Another in-browser code testing environment, Repl.it offers more than a dozen languages. Good for testing algorithms and shorter code snippets.

A great sandbox for learning, writing, and testing regular expressions. Includes cheat sheet, how-to’s, links to community resources.

Job Hunting & Interviewing

5 Essential Phone Screen Questions
My favorite resource for programming interviews (for both candidate and interviewer). If you’re just starting out with programming, re-read every 6 months and see how much you’ve learned.

Front End Web Developer Interview Questions
Interviewing a front-end dev? This is hands down the best resource I’ve seen. These questions are smart and relevant. Bored and want to learn something new? Pick any item off this list that you don’t know (there’s guaranteed to be something) and research it or put it into practice in your next project.

Ask a Manager

Job hunting advice, how to handle tricky interview questions, workplace etiquette, and more.

Web dev stuff

I’ve had a website since 2004 or so and seen my fair share of web hosts. Siteground is my favorite. (Affiliate link)

Simple, honest domain registration. 0 complaints in many years.

Where I put my static sites and hobby projects ever since the loss of Heroku’s free tier *picks Heroku sticker off laptop*

Who am I kidding, I still have projects hosted here. I just pay a monthly fee for them now. Whomp, whomp. If you need an always-on server for your web project, Heroku has been good for that.

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